Coin and Card Sales Powered by Revolutionary Technology

Maximize Profit on Coin and Sports Card Auctions

Pay ZERO value fees with Coin & Card Auctions, Inc. Buy and sell as much as you want for one monthly flat fee on your storefront. Use our patent-pending nanotechnology  to easily grade to the Sheldon and PSA Grading Scale, upon development completion. Guarantee authenticity with blockchain-powered database management.

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Cutting Edge Technology To Power Coin and Sports Trading Card Marketplace and Grading

A new business aimed at helping collectors buy and sell more sports cards and coins with ease. Our technology in development is intended to allow collectors to build their portfolio faster with affordable grading technology designed to help build value appreciation from collectibles.

Coin and Card Sales Powered by Revolutionary Technology

  • ZERO value fees

  • Professional marketing to sell coins and sports trading cards

  • Blockchain database for authenticity

  • Accurate grading without mailing your assets

  • Comprehensive industry data on one website

  • Built by numismatists for serious collectors 

  • All-in-one custom-tailored marketplace

  • Cutting-edge technology to help build a strong portfolio

Main features of Coin & Card Auctions

01Expect to Experience Value Appreciation From Collectibles Without Value Fees
02Aim to Buy and Sell Smarter With Better Data
03Nano-Level Grading From Your Smartphone
04Anticipate Keeping Online Buyers and Sellers Interested With Unique Storefronts
05Envision Fine-Tuned Marketing Funnels for Your Store

Look Forward to A Better Marketplace Built for You

 As a storefront owner, you can look forward to enjoying access to state-of-the-art tools to manage your portfolio of sports trading cards and coins.

  • Option to sell or transfer ownership of your storefront with or without inventory
  • Anticipate access to a-la-carte value-added marketing
  • Prepare for eliminated friction of coin and sports trading card evaluations

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Coin & Card Auctions Inc. have an IPO?

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How many storefront owners does the company estimate?

Is Coin & Card Auctions Inc. contracted with a FINRA / SEC Broker Dealer?

How will the coins be graded?

How can I trust that the grading will be accurate?

How will the technology work?

Will I have to remove my collection from other marketplaces?

How will the blockchain fit into my storefront?

Why will serious collectors want a storefront?

Anticipate Greater Asset Appreciation From Coin and Sports Trading Card Sales

Stop paying final value fees in the storefront and pay only 5% final value fee in non-storefronts. Get ready to use Coin & Card Auctions Inc. to build a robust collectibles operation. You will be able to drive targeted traffic to your unique store to find motivated buyers and sellers. You’ll get accurate grading data on-demand, saving you time and money. Look forward to building value appreciation of coins and sports trading cards with an innovative and better marketplace.