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numismatics and sports cards  

As new technologies emerge markets change, and change has never been better for the numismatics and sports cards industries.

in a few words here is why






Asset backed NFTs are physical objects having digital fingerprints, methods of third-party authentication and Royalties controlled by smart contracts using blockchain technologies in an emerging $5.92 billion global metaverse market developed for commerce.  

Now consumers and businesses are able to pay themselves

Here is how

Royalties when assigned to NFT originators as chain of title beneficiaries utilize smart contracts and blockchain technologies. Asset backed NFTs are scanned assets (coins and cards) having digital fingerprints developed specifically for commerce-based transactions with digital fingerprints and physical assets recorded as chain of title and placed on any blockchain/metaverse marketplace as asset backed NFTs.  Commerce purposes may include any parts of the buy/sell transaction process including third party asset and transactional pre- and post-sale authentication. A commerce transaction is any transaction when physical assets with digital fingerprints are sold and transferred between willing sellers and willing buyers and the transaction is recorded on blockchain. Royalties may be kept, assigned or transferred by the asset backed NFTs registered royalty's beneficiary.

What a transaction looks like 

 When physical assets sell into the market and ownership transfer occurs those transactions are registered on the original chain of title to the new owners, owners may be anonymous or identified depending on the protocol. This is very similar to the title of your car transferring with the car when sold to a new buyer. The difference is Royalties interests remain with the NFT originator as assigned beneficiary unless that assigned beneficiary assigns, sells or transfers beneficiary royalties interest even though the physical object and digital fingerprint has sold and transferred ownership. Some high dollar assets can be jointly owned which means a group or individuals (example) could have joint ownership and joint royalties' interests.  

In the past a willing buyer and seller entered into a sale/purchase transaction, negotiated a price, paid for the item, received the item and possibly resold the item.  This has been how markets worked.  Essentially, one off sales, you buy, you sell, you move on.  The marketplace coalesced over the years with clever marketing platforms that determined margins between cost and profits and quickly learned to exploit consumers driving marketplace costs up to a point that practically no profit margins remain for consumers.  It makes large marketplaces very profitable but stifles consumers participation. 

But not anymore

The global blockchain grew to a 2021 $5.92 billion market with a very healthy 2022-2030 compound annual growth rate in excess of 85% 

Changing market dynamics offer commerce solutions never seen before in the history of the world of commerce

A digital ledger of transactions duplicated and distributed across an entire network of computer systems on the blockchain in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat, offers incredible opportunity to consumers and businesses alike. 

But what are royalties? They are a marketplace costs plain and simple - but here is the difference - Royalties paid out automatically to consumers every single time the physical object is resold into the market puts money back into the consumers' pocket. Over time, with products (coins and cards) reselling into the market, royalties as continued revenues can quickly be very significant revenue centers since they are perpetual and could continue for decades. This absolutely redefines commerce as we know it today.  

Digital Fingerprints provide a unique mechanism to identify physical assets, create asset backed NFTs for commerce and third party authenticate any/all parts of the buy/sell transaction. 

Here are our secrets to success

1 Provide a service which digitally fingerprints scannable surfaces at nano levels 

2. Scan and extract height, color data from professionally graded numismatics and sports cards and store/utilize that data to digitally fingerprint coins and cards, create asset backed NFTs using smart contracts for royalties' using blockchain technologies

3. Utilize deep neural networks with AI to correlate multiple systems extracted data to the PCGS/NGC/Sheldon, PSA/Beckett and other industry standards of grading 

2. Develop IOS/Android applications improving consumer access to markets and a means to validate physical assets/digital fingerprints, NFTs, Smart Contracts, Royalties and effect all parts of buy/sell transactions. 

and Digital fingerprints are just as useful in the conventional markets 

There is more, but this is the new future of sports cards and numismatics


While sports cards markets continue growing, numismatics has lagged behind with active participation in the 60+ age range.  Younger generations in all markets are more educated and raised on technologies. Data shows roughly 40% of the world's population uses over 6 billion cellphone applications and that number is rapidly growing.

If you expect the market to grow, positions yourself with and in front of the market!

Today's Market decline

What has been missing is the lack of controls in marketplace costs, bottlenecked grading processes, inconsistent grading practices, incomplete market data, lack of market-based financial incentives for younger generations to engage in the numismatics industry or sports card industry as their livelihoods, rather than a hobby. To transition from a hobby industry into a commerce industry requires a built-in exit market which is exactly what royalties offer. 


and COIN AND CARD AUCTIONS, INC has positioned itself for SUCCESS


Our Nano level laser scanning measures and maps both color and height of the reverse and obverse sides of any coins and any sports cards. Surface topography (roughness) becomes 10s of millions of measured pixels and literally, nothing remains hidden. 

Are your coins and cards correctly graded? How about color designations on your copper coins?

Digital Fingerprints of Coins and Cards 

 Just like your fingerprints uniquely identify you, nano level measured outputs using a series of ISO standards of formulated measurements identified by X and y axis produce precise measurements existing only on scanned coins and cards which are not identical on any other coin or sports card. 



THATS JUST the BEGINNING and here is why


From our perspective the future of the numismatics and sports cards industries looks very bright, and we welcome you to join us 

To receive a free copy of a 1953 S Lincoln Cent, PCGS Cert 10519176 sample Coin Digital Fingerprint Analysis Report and a sample bag mark analysis email: 






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Faster, Cheaper AI based Analysis for Consistent and dependable Grading


Our patent-pending Nano level technology provides amazingly accurate measurements and color analysis.

Our market approach is designed to facilitate growth. Without new collectors and lower marketplace costs  the entire industry stagnates

Our NFT and Blockchain innovation we believe adds an entirely new business model for numismatic and sports card collectors worldwide. By adding perpetual income capability to the market now collectors can sell into the market once and receive royalty income for generations to come.      

We welcome the future and those brave enough to explore new frontiers of technology 

M. Johnson, CEO and Founder

Coin and Card Auctions, Inc



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Coin and Card Auctions welcomes Mike Ellis to our Board of Directors. Mike is a Governor on the ANA Board of Governors and a professional grader with decades of industry expertise



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