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About Coin And Card Auctions, Inc


No Storefront Final Value Fees

Improve your profit from every Storefront transaction with subscription-based pricing. No matter how much you buy or sell, you’ll only pay a small, fixed monthly subscription fee.  

Occasional auction venue use try our Non-Storefront. No Subscription 5% charged of sales  

Low cost storefront non auction venue  

Try our Dealers Corner at 3% of gross sales.


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Faster, Cheaper AI based Analysis for Consistent and dependable Grading


Our patent-pending Nano level technology provides amazingly accurate measurements and color analysis.  

Data digitization and pre and post sale validation methodologies significantly broadens overall market scope at all levels of the numismatics and sports trading card industries and I suspect a number of additional industries yet to be explored.    

We welcome the future and those brave enough to explore new frontiers of technology 

M. Johnson, CEO and Founder

Coin and Card Auctions, Inc



Build Wealth With Your Own Storefront


A custom storefront gives you access to marketing, sales, and management tools designed to reach high-intent buyers and sellers.

Maximizing profit margins means not just selling your sports trading cards and coins for top dollar. It means at the end of the day how much profit actually went into your pocket. 

Coin and Card Auctions developed a marketplace intended to maximize profit margins for the most important part of the industry - that's you - the consumer. 

Our logic is simple, provide technologies ensuring grading consistency across the board, provide a marketplace maximizing consumer profitability and introduce technologies intended to broaden the market  

Coin and Card Auctions partnered with a professional digital marketing firm having 45 years experience.  Let us work for you. 

Coin and Card Auctions welcomes Mike Ellis to our Board of Directors. Mike is a Governor on the ANA Board of Governors and a professional grader with decades of industry expertise



How would you build wealth with collectibles?

Coin And Card Auctions is dedicated to revolutionizing the collectibles auction marketplace. Final value fees eat into collectors’ margins, and pad the pockets of third-party marketplaces. Coin And Card Auctions' subscription-based pricing and cutting-edge tools are designed with one goal in mind: to help you seamlessly buy and sell authentic collectibles at the highest margin possible. Manage a portfolio of hard assets and participate in the skyrocketing demand for real, non-fungible assets. 

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