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Coin & Card Auctions Inc. is changing the sports trading cards and numismatics industry. A subscription-based model will use nano-level grading and blockchain technology to capture intense demand for non-fungible, real assets.

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About Coin And Card Auctions, Inc.


Patent-Pending Coin and Card Grading Technology

We are in the process of developing nano-grading technology that we believe will save collectors’ time and money. We expect consistent, objective grading that facilitates faster and more frequent transacting with greater confidence.


Recurring Subscription; No Value Fees

Current marketplaces assess value fees of as much as 18%. Fees this high kill margin and hinder trading activity. Our simple subscription fee model will empower store owners and collectors to trade without the burden of high fees and charges.


Blockchain Database to Secure Authenticity and Full Disclosure

All accumulated grade, price, and transaction history will be stored on the blockchain. Coin & Card Auctions’ technologies will provide smartcard / NFT chain of title for storefront owners and
their customers.

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Unrivaled Marketing Tools for Storefronts

A professionally managed tech stack will help storefront owners purchase additional marketing tools designed to help them buy and sell with ease.


Frictionless Buy and Sell Transactions

Coin & Card Auctions Inc. aims to provide the highest ease-of-trade available to serious collectors. Storefront owners will snap a few pictures, get an accurate condition grade, and list for sale in minutes.


Central Resource for Industry Data and Transactions

Coin & Card Auctions Inc. will consolidate industry data across many sites and sources to provide actionable insights to customers and foster frequent buying and selling.


Invest in a cutting-edge marketplace for collectors

The collectibles market is seeing a surge in demand as investors of all types allocate capital to non-fungible, hard assets. Sports trading cards and coins have a passionate following but are being done a disservice by current marketplace operators. Coin & Card Auctions Inc.'s goal is to revolutionize the marketplace by helping collectors with lower fees. Our patent-pending proprietary technologies will eliminate numerous friction points and costs for collectors. Investors, consumers, and Coin & Card Auctions Inc. can benefit from the marketplace of the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many storefront owners does the company estimate?

Is Coin & Card Auctions Inc. contracted with a FINRA / SEC Broker Dealer?

How are the coins graded?

How can I trust that the grading is accurate?

How does the technology work?

Do I have to remove my collection from other marketplaces?

How will the blockchain fit into this?

Why will serious collectors want a storefront?

Is Coin and Card Auctions Inc. a Fit for You?

Coin & Card Auctions Inc. plans to innovate disruptive technologies in the collectibles space. Collectors and traders will be drawn to the subscription-based pricing model that will strive to save them money. Our patent-pending grading technologies and blockchain-authenticated databases and domains will help collectors in their efforts to attain increasing asset values. Take the investor survey to see if Coin & Card Auctions Inc. is the right investment for you.

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