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2019 S Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle Signed by Mercanti

silver eagle coin

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No Final Value Fees

Improve your profit from every transaction with subscription-based pricing. No matter how much you buy or sell, you’ll only pay a small, fixed monthly subscription fee. You keep the margin.


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Our patent-pending nanotechnology allows you to get accurate grading by snapping a few pictures with your smartphone. No need to mail your collectible to third-party graders.


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A custom storefront gives you access to marketing, sales, and management tools designed to reach high-intent buyers and sellers. Sell your sports trading cards and coins for top dollar, and earn a high profit margin.


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Coin And Card Auctions is dedicated to revolutionizing the collectibles auction marketplace. Final value fees eat into collectors’ margins, and pad the pockets of third-party marketplaces. Coin And Card Auctions' subscription-based pricing and cutting-edge tools are designed with one goal in mind: to help you seamlessly buy and sell authentic collectibles at the highest margin possible. Manage a portfolio of hard assets and participate in the skyrocketing demand for real, non-fungible assets. Take the survey to help shape the future of sports trading card and coin investing.

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silver eagle coin

Silver Eagle Signed by Mercanti

As a thank-you for taking the survey, please enter your raffle ticket number to be qualified for the drawing of a $2,500 valued . 2019 S ERP Silver Eagle PF70UC Signed by Mercanti. This coin mintage was limited to 30,000, making it the rarest Silver Eagle to date. This collectible coin was minted with a beautiful Enhanced Reverse Proof finish at the San Francisco mint.

Drawing will be on the final day of ANA (Saturday, August 14) and the winner will be notified via email the following week.